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Since 2019 United Hemp Alliance has provided international distribution, warehousing, logistics & relationship solutions for the hemp and cannabis industry. We offer a full solution service ensuring all our clients receive the highest quality materials, products and information when utilising our services. We educate our clients with key factual information straight from direct governing sources delivering trust and satisfaction.

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Personal connections and online

Personal connections and online

Personal connections and online stores were named as primary sources for CBD. As the mass market for CBD grows to include bath products, personal care, food products, and other consumer goods, so too should outlets increase among grocery stores, drugstores, and salons which currently collectively serve fewer than 1 in 8 consumers. Consumers report purchasing CBD both for themselves and others. More than one-quarter (27%) of those who ever bought CBD purchased it for a family member, with 7% purchasing for someone else.
Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

Future guidance, interpretations, and enforcement of CBD as an EU-defined novel food will have far-reaching consequences for it and other minor cannabinoids. Many aspects of the future CBD market will be determined by how governments choose to regulate the compound as a novel food, and how industry operators choose to respond. Determination of which product forms are available, how they will be mainstreamed, and their eventual adoption by consumers will each depend on whether producers prioritize ingestibles or non-ingestibles (e.g., topicals and cosmetics).

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